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The aim of this site is to provide links to software, resources etc that I find useful and others may too.

Exact Audio Copy

The best freeware CD ripper for Windows. It also encodes to mp3, WMA etc and, if your burner is supported, can be used to write audio discs.

SatCp's EAC Tutorial

Very detailed instructions for setting up and using EAC.

CD writing FAQ

From beginner to guru, there's lots of useful info here including a printer friendly version of the FAQ.


The easiest Shorten program to use with Windows (SHN - lossless audio compression) .


If you're wondering what on earth Shorten is...

SHN for Mac, Linux, BEOS

Details of SHN for other platforms.


Winamp plugin to allow SHN files to be played without decoding.

Monkey's Audio

Another lossless audio compression program.


Another lossless audio compression program.


Another lossless audio compression program.

Multi Frontend

Frontend for lots of lossless audio compression programs. Can also handle conversion between formats.

Nero Plugins

Plugins that let you burn directly from lossless audio > wav using Nero.


Freeware audio burning program that can burn directly from flac & ape, supports EAC cuesheets.


Freeware burning program that can burn audio directly from flac, also burns data discs, doesn’t support EAC cuesheets yet.


Mac all-in-one GUI for Shorten, Flac, Monkey's Audio, shntool. Download & info file [plus other Mac stuff] on this page.


Program that can be used to split a large WAV file into smaller tracks. It can either physically split it or produce the relevant cue sheet. The splits are made on certain byte boundaries to prevent the small clicks you sometimes get between tracks.

CDR Identifier

Identifies CDR media.


Lets you extract individual files from CD images eg, ISOs, IMGs, NRGs.


Powerful replacement for Windows Notepad.

EditPad Lite

My current text editor of choice. Has a very useful 'tabbed' view if you have more than one document open.

602PC Suite

Replacement for Word & Excel, free for home use.


Excellent image viewer.

VCD Help

Comprehensive information site re Video CDs, DivX etc.


Program for removing silence at the start/end of WAV files.


Excellent web browser.  Admittedly the 'free' version has a banner ad but it feels a lot faster in operation than the usual suspects.

Green Browser

Excellent lightweight web browser. Uses IE settings so no need to transfer favourites across. Speedy in operation. Integrated search bar. Blocks pop-ups. A bit like Opera but without the banner ads.

Mozilla Firefox

My current browser of choice. Once you get used to tabbed browsing, there’s no going back. No ads either.

Mozilla Thunderbird

This has now replaced Foxmail as my email client of choice. It’s free, it’s fantastic, try it.


Excellent free email client. When you visit the page, you don't need to download Chinese text support [unless you want it], there's an English version. This has a built-in 'mailbox preview', similar to MailWasher.


Excellent e-mail client with lots of features. There's a free, 'ad-supported' version but the Outpost firewall [see below] can be set up to block these ads.

Pegasus Mail

Another e-mail client worth considering.


Very capable newsgroup reader.


Kerio Personal Firewall is currently my firewall of choice, great if you're low on resources.


If you're on the 'net, you need a firewall. This one has some handy extra features like blocking ads and is available as a free version.


Anti-virus software is also essential. This is free for certain geographical areas.


Lets you access your pop3 mailbox without downloading mail to your PC and from there you can bounce and/or delete any undesirable e-mail. Useful for fighting spam and viruses.


Detect and delete spyware on your PC.

Swat It

Trojan scanner.


Give this a try if all you want to do is process words and not be encumbered by functions you'll never use. 


Free zip utility.

THE Rename

Handy file renaming utility.


See what programs are loading at boot time and enable/disable them easily.


Lets you send & receive yahoo mail from a pop3 mail client.


Splits large files into smaller chunks, multi-platform.

Ginny EAC

Ginny's guide to Exact Audio Copy

Ginny SHN

Ginny's guide to Shorten

Ginny VCD

Ginny's guide to VCD

Ginny Click

Ginny's guide to fixing clicks & gaps

Lots of useful information/links re lossless digital compression


Shrink those long, wrapping weblinks to something more manageable


Experimental BitTorrent client


BitTorrent client that can handle multiple torrents in one window


Audio player that can handle Shorten, Flac, Monkey's Audio


FTP client


FTP client [and server apparently but I haven’t tried it yet]

Typsoft FTP Server

FTP server

Fresh Download

No-nonsense download manager

DVD Decryptor

Does what it says on the tin, clean interface & free from ads/spyware

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